Prices for Low Cost Elenite resort Taxis hire. Cheap Airport Transfers from/to Elenite resort

DirectionTaxi (1 - 3 pers.)Minivan (3 - 4 pers.)Van (4 - 8 pers.)Bus (to 15 pers.)
Elenite resort - Bourgas/Bourgas airport59 BGN/30€68 BGN/35€98 BGN/50€137 BGN/70€
Elenite resort - Varna/Varna airport117 BGN/60€127 BGN/65€176 BGN/90€235 BGN/120€
Elenite resort - Sofiia/Sofia airport362 BGN/185€391 BGN/200€528 BGN/270€802 BGN/410€
Elenite resort - Russe293 BGN/150€323 BGN/165€391 BGN/200€567 BGN/290€
Elenite resort - Sozopol88 BGN/45€98 BGN/50€137 BGN/70€176 BGN/90€
Elenite resort - Duni88 BGN/45€98 BGN/50€137 BGN/70€176 BGN/90€
Elenite resort - Primorsko108 BGN/55€117 BGN/60€156 BGN/80€176 BGN/90€
Elenite resort - Kiten108 BGN/55€117 BGN/60€176 BGN/90€192 BGN/98€
Elenite resort - Tsarevo117 BGN/60€137 BGN/70€196 BGN/100€235 BGN/120€
Elenite resort - Sinemorets153 BGN/78€166 BGN/85€192 BGN/98€254 BGN/130€
Elenite resort - Bucharest/Bucharest airport391 BGN/200€430 BGN/220€587 BGN/300€665 BGN/340€
Elenite resort - Constanta/Constanta airport332 BGN/170€327 BGN/190€528 BGN/270€606 BGN/310€
Elenite resort - Istanbul381 BGN/195€421 BGN/215€528 BGN/270€704 BGN/360€
Elenite resort - Ataturk airport (Istanbul)381 BGN/195€421 BGN/215€528 BGN/270€704 BGN/360€
Elenite resort - Sabiha airport (Istanbul)440 BGN/225€479 BGN/245€606 BGN/310€763 BGN/390€


24/7 private taxi or private low coast airport transfers from/to Elenite resort at lower than shuttle service rates. Our courteous driver will meet you at the transfer pick-up point in Elenite resort with a board with your name and take you safely to your travel destination. Your transfer is about comfort and a peace of mind, at first place.

Booking your airport taxis/ transfer in advance will save you a lot of trouble, because once you arrive at airport Bourga,Varna, Sofia, Istanbul,Buharest for instance, and you get a random cab outside, you might end up paying a lot more than the actual cost of the transportation. Besides, it will be much harder to compare prices at the last minute. This is a common thing for taxi drivers all over the world – they expect you to be in a hurry to start your vacation and they will try to sell you a service on a couple of times higher cost than the actual price. This is why, with we offer you the best low-cost transportation, with the ability to book in advance and we aim to give you the opportunity to have only great time in Bulgaria and to make your vacation as pleasurable and memorable as possible.